About Hydro-Unlimited.Com


Hydro-Unlimited.Com was originally started in 2007 by its founder, Chris Higgins, while in college as a school project. It was intended to be a Hydroponic database where people could learn about this exciting form of agriculture. It grew in popularity due to how limited information on Hydroponics was back then. In 2008, multiple hydroponic companies approached about a business relationships which turned the website from a database to also an online store. Sadly in 2012 after a lot of success with growing sales every year, Chris had to make a hard decision between his career in Landscape Design and the hydroponic business. At the end of the year, the website’s store was closed but the database lived on for few more years.


To New Beginnings!

Now in 2021, I have decided to restart Hydro-Unlimited.Com as a hydroponic database with the intension of re-opening the online store also in the near future. This time we will focus on a personal passion of mine High Pressure Aeroponics. I am currently developing a full kit and also DYI kits to make your own High Pressure Aeroponic systems. I feel a need for this in the market place as basely any exist online. Even though many of these smaller scale HPA systems are very popular DYI projects for many home growers. The systems are WAY more complicated than every other method of hydroponics, but hold the best results for the true hydroponic grower.

Stay tuned as I will continue to re-build the database of information this website once held through a well organized blog. The articles will range from more general hydroponics to growing in general! I am excited to be back and welcome to our re-opening!

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