Our New Partnership with Mars Hydro

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We are proud to announce our new Partnership with Mars Hydro!

You will be seeing many new products populating our online store ranging from high-quality LED Grow Lights, Grow Tents, and Full Grow Tent Kits. We have made an agreement with Mars Hydro to become an official distributor of their full product line. 

This decision was made after years of experience with their company. They make everything from LED Grow Lights for the person starting out with their affordable TS Series of Lights to Commercial LED Grow Lights with their FC Series of Lights. They make high-quality products at affordable pricing. You can not ask for a better business model to partner with. 

They also have developed and offer high-quality Grow Tents. These grow tents have all the options you look for in one including metal structure, heavy canvas material, and etc. They are an amazing option for someone looking for a Grow Tent to avoid the need for a full grow room or greenhouse.

Mars Hydro has also created Grow Kit offerings of their Grow Tents paired with everything you need to start growing except the plants themselves. This includes the tent, suggested light, carbon filter, fan, and much more!

We could not be happier with this new development for Hydro-Unlimited.Com. Check out our Online Store to see everything this partnership allows our company to bring to our customer base!

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