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Welcome to my new/old blog about hydroponics Hydro-Unlimited. I am, Chris, a hydroponics expert through both experience and education. I will be writing many different types of articles that have to do with hydroponics, green houses, and particularly high pressure aeroponics. I started this website in 2007 which bloomed into a success Hydroponics blog and online store. I scaled back to follow my career in landscape design but recently wanted to branch back out. I hope everyone will enjoy and learn truly the best growing method available for feeding our starving world.

Hydroponics is basically the method of growing plants in a water or mist media instead of traditional soil medium. Hydroponics has proven grow plants more efficiently and quickly than traditional agriculture. There are many different types of hydroponics including Deepwater Culture (DWC), Drain & Flood, Aeroponics (Low & High Pressure), and few others. They all have their “Pro’s” and “Con’s.”

I hope you will come back to start reading my articles I will be writing on the many different subjects. Also if you are an expert yourself, please Contact Us if you are interested in writing a guest article for the blog!