Grow Tent Overview

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Grow tents are amazing growing tools especially in the urban environment. Best grows have controlled environment and they can provide that like a greenhouse. BUT in your home including apartments. We have partnered with Mars Hydro for LED lighting and they have a full line of grow tents also. So we will be referencing their produce lines which we fully recommend. I will give the basics of grow tents below!

What is Grow Tent?

Grow tents are similar to what you would think by its name. They are tents which are usually held up with metal or plastic frames to create a closed off growing space. The tent material is usually a canvas material that is either white or reflective on the inside surface. 

Mars Hydro Grow 2x2 tent
Mars Hydro Grow Tent frame

What is the Purpose of a Grow Tent?

A grow tent offer additional control of the environment that your indoor grow is experiencing. Many people can’t setup whole grow rooms nor have the outside space for a green house. Grow tents offer a smaller version of these types of spaces for a very affordable price.

  • Controlling temperature, light exposure, humidity, CO2 levels, and etc are all possible with a Grow Tent (and proper equipment). This is extremely important depending on crop as control of different factors can greatly increase yields and quality.
  • Cost of Grow Tents is a fraction of the cost of a greenhouse or building an indoor grow room. This makes it a way better option for residential small grows. 

What to look for in a Grow Tent?


You need to look at the weight rating of the frame and construction. Metal frames are best due to they are more rigid and stronger than plastic frames. This is important due to your lighting system, ventilation (fans, carbon filter, and etc.) will need to be hung from its framing. I highly suggest staying with metal frames even if it costs slightly more. 

Tent Material

Material should be a high quality canvas that is either flat/matt white or reflective. High quality is important as you do not want tears or light leaks. Finally the construction should be double stitched with heavy duty zippers.

Also you want to look at the options of the tent canvas. Options included such as:

  • Observation flaps (for quick checkups)
  • Adjustable ventilation holes for installation of ducts, fans, and/or carbon filtration.
  •  Adjustable port holes for irrigation lines, wiring, and etc.  

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