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Hydroponic Growing Environments

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Hydroponic systems generally do best in well controlled indoor growing environments. This is mostly accomplished by a few different methods. They include greenhouses, grow tents, grow rooms, and grow cabinets. This allows for cleanliness, control of the environmental factors, and more. Controlling the environment increases yields, crop quality, and less issues with the hydroponic system. 

Main Types of Grow Environments


Greenhouses range from small residential wall units to massive commercial operations. Wooden structures with glass have become a things of the past. They have been replaced by metal structure with polycarbonate “glass.” These structures are not only cheaper but last longer than traditional greenhouses. 

Hydroponic Greenhouse Example
Hydroponic Greenhouse Example


  • Provide great environmental control if setup correctly. With heating systems they can be used year around even during harsh winters. 
  • If lighting systems are used, they are used as supplemental light as greenhouses allow for sunlight.
  • Many times provide more room than other grow environment options


  • Generally the most expensive option by far.
  • May be unavailable to people without land to install them on. 
  • Some land especially in HOA’s may have covenant restriction against building a greenhouse at your home.

Grow Rooms

Grow rooms are also a popular option for people that have extra space in their basements. Basically you have a walled off room, walls need to be flat white, and electrical available. You will need to install all the ventilations and grow lighting will be required unlike a greenhouse. But many times people build them similar size or larger than many residential greenhouses. They are mostly seen as the best truly indoor option.

Grow Room Diagram
Grow Room Diagram


  • Can be done in houses inside HOA’s or restrictive land covenants due to its inside the house. 
  • Depending if you already have a walled off room in your basement, can be much cheaper than building a greenhouse


  • Requires grow lights unlike the greenhouse
  • Can be expensive if you have to wall off a new room in your basement.

Grow Tent

Grow Tents are a great option for people that have less space than a full grow room. They are like their names sounds, a frame holding up a tent to create this controlled environment for your plants. They can also be a great option for someone wanting something the size of a grow room but do not want to wall off their basement. We carry a Mar Hydro 8’X8′ unit that is like a mini grow room in size. 

Mars Hydro 4'x4' Grow Tent
Mars Hydro 4'x4' Grow Tent


  • Very cheap and affordable option compared to above two.
  • Portable if you ever need to move it.
  • Provides a great controlled growing environment for your plants.


  • Require grow lighting to provide all light for plants
  • Wear out faster than above two more expensive options. But you can get years of service out of a quality product. 

Grow Cabinets / Boxes

This method of controlled growing environment is normally the smallest. They can be as small as a PC up to a large wall cabinet. Most people that use them live in apartments or have limited space. They are popular as they are less obvious in appearance compared to a more affordable grow tent.   

Grow Box example


  • More stealthy in appearance compared to any other option.
  • Many sizes available to fit even small spaces.
  • Portable if needed. 


  • More expensive than a Grow Tent
  • Customization is more difficult 
  • Harder to transport as they can be very heavy